Planning Brisbane Bus Charter For Your Wedding

Planning Brisbane Bus Charter For Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is not the easiest task in the world, yet it is a very exciting and thrilling journey. Alongside with sending wedding invitations and making arrangements for a large and delicious wedding cake, one should also take care of transportation requirements for the guests that will attend his wedding. Luckily, in Brisbane, Australia Group 1 Minibus can provide buses and minibuses wedding transportation. Here are a few tips and tricks to put into practice when planning bus charter for your wedding.

wedding bus brisbaneDecide how spacious the wedding bus needs to be

Obviously, those who organize a small, cute wedding without too many guests will need a bus that is not extremely spacious. For example, a bus which features 20, 30 or maybe 35 seats is perfect for the job. On the other hand, large weddings need more spacious buses. In this case, one or more buses which feature 50, 60 or even more seats are recommended.


Arrange for transport from the hotel to the wedding location and back

The bus must be ready at the appointed hour in order to take all or a large group of wedding guests to the wedding location. Also, when the wedding is over, the bus must also take everyone back to the hotel or their houses. Such an exquisite transportation service will be greatly appreciated by all the wedding guests because they won’t have to worry about driving their own cars or rely on taxis in order to get back home or to the hotel.

Arrange for airport transfers for out-of-towners

In a similar fashion, we can also pick up wedding guests that are not from Brisbane straight from the airport. They can be transferred to a hotel, directly to the wedding location or another place of their choice.

Bus Charter Services for WeddingsArrange for pickups along the route

The driver of a wedding bus can also stop along the route in order to take various wedding guests and transport them to the wedding venue. It is a brilliant idea to make such arrangements, especially if you trust your wedding guests to be ready on time.

All in all, bus charter services for weddings in Brisbane are completely customizable and they come at affordable prices as well, so it is a pity not to take advantage of them in order to have a memorable wedding! Contact us today for more information.