Brisbane Team Building Transportation

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Brisbane Team Building Transportation

Let’s talk for a moment about team building days in Brisbane, and team building in Queensland in general. As you know, a good team building day can create and strengthen the bonds that make a team successful. After all, what is a team if not a group of people all working together toward a common goal? Everyone must know their own strengths and that of their teammates. The strength of your corporation might be production. The strength of Group 1 Minibus Service is transportation. We rely on you for your specialty and you can rely on us for ours. Just as importantly everyone must know their own weaknesses, and what tasks they must and also cannot delegate. For a worker this means knowing what they can tasks they can tuck into, take the ball and run with. For a boss this very often means knowing what they cannot do on their own, or what they must take upon themselves in order to demonstrate leadership.

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Golf Tours In Brisbane

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From pickup to Drop Off We’ll Take Care of All The Details. You hit the Links, We’ll Hit The Books.

Considering hitting the links in Queensland? You can’t be blamed, tourists come to Brisbane exclusively for the golfing opportunities thanks to our beautiful weather and selection of world class golf courses. There are a variety of unique courses throughout Queensland, within Brisbane proper, just a half hour from the city center and of course out in Australia’s famously beautiful and – let’s face it – quite unusual countryside. How unusual? Our golf courses, some of them hosting world championship games and ranked amongst the world’s greatest every year, are of course home to Australia’s unique flora. And, we guarantee, there is nowhere else in the world where you can literally golf with kangaroos. No, the pouches are not considered hazards.

Golf ToursGetting To And From The Golf Course

In Comfort, Luxury and Style

Whether you’re already in Brisbane or are flying in, we’ve got you covered. We can perform an airport transfer or hotel / home pick-up and drop-off for you and your entire group. We’ll deliver you to and from the course of your choice in comfort, luxury and style – that’s the Group 1 promise. Whether you prefer a picture windowed tour bus for a large group or a smaller, but quite comfortable, mini bus for a smaller gang of club wielding grass fanatics.


From the moment you set foot in our transport to when we drop you off after a relaxing day of 18 holes, birdies, eagles and mulligans you’ll experience the Group 1 Minibus Service difference: Excellent service, complete professionalism and the best drivers. Why? Because your family, friends and business associates deserve nothing less than absolute safety and absolute comfort. Hassle free is the only way to be on a golf tour in Brisbane. If you have any snags at all you failed to book with Group 1 Minibus Service.

Complete Golf Tour Planning and Execution

The last thing you should have on your mind when you’re planning on bringing a group to the golf course is the planning itself, at least that’s how we feel. Don’t just leave the driving to us, leave the planning to us as well. Let us arrange your tee times, your golf carts, your equipment storage and everything else needed to make your golfing holiday as stress and hassle free as possible. We at Group 1 Minibus Service have the experience and courtesy you require. Just give us a call or email via our handy online contact form and we’ll get you sorted out quick and proper.


But what good is a plan if it is executed poorly? Want to know, for a fact, that everything we agree on will go off without a hitch? Just have a look at our testimonials. We’ve got the experience to make sure everything is just how you want it. We’ve got the expertise to advise you on every aspect of your golf tour. We’ve got the equipment to ensure you don’t have any unwanted delays. And we’ve got the courtesy to soothe even the most travel-frazzled nerves. From your initial contact to dropping you back off at your hotel, home or airport we’ll take care of you like you were family.

Golf Tours About The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast Is Home To Many Fine Courses. Let Group 1 Minibus Show Them To You.

The neverending debate as to which is better for a golf tour, the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast, will not be drawing to a close anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean you have to enter the fracas. Unless you plan on spending a month or more putting around the green you’ll not have time to see all the courses on even one side of the river, let alone both. And while we at Group 1 would never utter a cross word regarding the fairways and sand traps on the sunny side, the goldy side certainly has quite a lot to offer as well. Take, for example:

Golf Tours Emerald Lakes Golf Club

With the slogan, night or day come & play, Emerald Lakes is a Golf Club where fun takes priority. With the uniquely Australian attitude of enjoyment and irreverence you’ll find, classic golf with all the modernity you’re looking for. Including, of course, a fully lit up par 72 course just in case you prefer to hit the links after sunset. And in the Australian summer, who wouldn’t? You can tee off after 5:30 PM and play up until 9:30 PM seven days a week, enjoying the fully illuminated back 9. And if you prefer to bring the kids with you, Emerald Lakes has an 18 hole putt putt course perfect for family fun. And when it’s time to put the kids to bed Emerald Lakes offers more adult gaming, from video gambling to Keno. Emerald lakes is a one stop, and we cannot recommend it more – something for everyone!

Palm Meadows Golf Course, Carrarra

Palm Meadows was designed over 20 years ago to be the Gold Coast’s premier golf course and it does not disappoint in the slightest. Palm Meadows is a true full service golf course and perfect for any tour group. On course food service and a very well reviewed restaurant mean you can have a beautiful and relaxing day on an 18 hole course. Be warned – the first hole is widely regarded as one of the most challenging in the world and the 18th is considered ranked in Golf Digest’s top 500. This course is definitely one for the pros! So, if you’re looking for a challenge you can find what you’re after at Palm Meadows. What’s truly amazing about Palm Meadows is its excellent value. It’s a public course with some of the best tee deals you’ll find anywhere, and for such an incredibly highly reviewed course that’s nearly unheard of.


Want more information on these or other Gold Coast golf courses? Just contact us at any time and we’ll be more than happy to oblige any request.

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A Day on the Green – Sirromet Wines, Mt Cotton

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A Day on the Green – Sirromet Wines, Mt Cotton


Often referred to as the “big day out for grown-ups”, A Day on the Green has evolved into far more than just a concert event. It is now widely recognised as the premier event, setting it apart from many of the other winery concerts.

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Top 5 Social Golf Courses on the Sunshine Coast

2014-09-24 15:19:47 alicia

Top 5 Social Golf Courses on the Sunshine Coast


Social golf has grown in popularity in recent years, so much so that it accounts for almost two thirds of all play across Queensland.

Suitable for all standards of play, social golf allows you to access some of the very best golf courses on a pay as you play basis. If you are looking for immaculately kept greens and lush fairways without having to bear the joining cost then social golf is likely to deliver.

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Top 5 Social Golf Courses on the Gold Coast

2014-09-23 19:55:04 alicia
The Gold Coast is home to many fine golf courses. Whatever challenges you are looking for from a golf course there is plenty of choice available. Whether you are looking to improve your short game or get to grips with your new putter, golf on the Gold Coast is perfect for just about anyone.

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