4 Interesting Things To Do And See During Your Vacation In Brisbane

4 Interesting Things To Do And See During Your Vacation In Brisbane

Visitors who come in Brisbane, Australia shouldn’t waste a single hour of their vacation because there are so many attractions and lovely places to see and do in this wonderful city. Especially if you are visiting with your family members, make sure that you check out the following Brisbane points of interests and you will have a truly memorable vacation.

South Bank ParklandsSouth Bank Parklands

A large park that stretches over a huge portion of land, the South Bank Parklands is one of the most popular and appreciated touristic attraction in Brisbane. Visitors can walk for hours in this park and capture mesmerizing pictures of the surrounding natural landscapes. Additionally, there are a couple of playgrounds for kids, barbecue and picnic areas and lots and lots of restaurants and coffee shops. Tourists will never feel bored in the South Bank Parklands as this place provides the perfect way to relax in a sunny afternoon.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

After tourists visited the South Bank Parklands, they might want to take their kids to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary to admire a large variety of wildlife animals. Here visitors can see koalas, kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, wombats, reptiles, dingoes, a plethora of colourful Australian birds and so on. Additionally, tourists have the unique privilege to touch and even feed the animals as well and this can be a fabulous experience all the times. This sanctuary is opened daily from 8:30am to 5:00pm.

Gallery of Modern Art

A place where art is suitable for all ages, the Gallery of Modern Art is definitely a wonderful touristicattraction that shouldn’t be missed out from your itinerary. The exhibits and displays are very varied and attractive, there is no entrance fee to pay and the overall experience is very calming and relaxing, suitable for people who want to learn and discover something new while getting rid of stress and worries.

The Brisbane RiverThe Brisbane River

Before leaving Brisbane, tourists should also take advantage of the Brisbane River and all the great entertainment options it provides. Visitors can take a ride on a City Cat, they can go kayaking, have a picnic near the riverside parkland, go rock climbing, cycle, rollerblade or just jog for a couple of minutes. The Brisbane River is excellent especially if tourists bring their kids with them and the surrounding areas provide exquisite photography opportunities.

Additionally, tourists are advised to take advantage of local minibus hire services in order to visit these marvellous places during their vacation in Brisbane.